Look At You ATL | End Of The Summer Boys
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To download the edited images individually just click on the photo to take you to the photo page mode. The selected individual photo will be featured to the left and a smaller gallery of the rest of the images will be to the right. Just hover your mouse over the upper left hand corner of the individual featured photo. A drop down menu will appear and you will just click on the download option and select the size that you want. Save it to your computer and you are all set. Repeat these steps with the rest of the photos.

***Digital downloads have watermarks. Those watermarks are removed when you order prints. So your prints will be watermark free.

I did enable your online ordering for your photo gallery where you can order professional prints and novelty items yourself. You have many options for products and prints.


  1. Click on selected image to purchase
  2. Roll over the menu option either above the image or over the left top corner of the image and then click “buy” or “select product”
  3. Select the category you desire.
  4. The “best fit” size for each print will be displayed first at the top. You may also select “best fit” from the vertical menu on the left.
  5. Select the size you want to order.
  6. Select “add to cart”
  7. On the “confirmation page” select “preview and configure”
  8. You’re now on the “edit product” page. You will then have the opportunity to “center” the picture or “fit” the picture to the selected size. The “center” option usually produces the best print results. When you select “fit” you may have white areas printed on the sides in order to have the image fit into that particular size. You are also able to drag and resize the orange guide lines on the “edit product” page

**Note: Not all images are given the “best fit” option due to their specific size. You can either select the best product(s) that will minimize the cropping or request to have an image manually resized for you if possible.